People use our LPG gas solutions for a variety of applications. Cooking and heating are well known but LPG is also used to generate power. LPG provides warm, cozy heating, hot water as well as the added benefit of instant, completely controllable gas cooking.
Our LPG gas solutions in Residential Buildings and Towers provide the perfect balance of performance and versatility — central or zonal, furnace or boiler — cost-effectively providing the ability to power the home. Our gas solutions can be tailored to individual home requirements either for the kitchen and elsewhere and have the added advantage of insuring homes against the vulnerability of cuts in power supply.
Not having a tailored gas solution at home is no longer an excuse, as LPG appliances have increased in popularity along with the knowledge that LPG is a cost effective, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly way to provide the home with supplemental energy not only during the constant power outages in Lebanon, but in everyday applications as well.