We provide you with the perfect gas network solution to ensure that most of the tenants or owners’ cooking appliances such as the baking oven, barbecue grill, and stove is always ready to serve them and their families.


LPG baking ovens are widely used amongst professionals, bakeries, hotels, restaurants; fast food,  etc. and even in the kitchen at home for baking bread, cakes, puddings, pastries and much more. 

LPG baking ovens are also used for other than bread and pastries products, such as cooking ready prepared dishes, or roasting and heating food like poultry, meat etc. 


LPG cookers and barbecues provide immediate heat on ignition, removing the need for a warming-up period. LPG also produces heat that responds instantly to changes in setting and distributes the heat more broadly across the base of cooking implements. Furthermore, LPG burns efficiently with no black smoke, leaving no marks on cooking instruments and providing for easier wash-up. The cooking appliances used by most people in the developed world operate at the flick of a switch or the twist of a knob. LPG barbecues offer a range of benefits including controllable heat, time savings and environmental benefits. While charcoal’s lighter fluid can leave your meats or veggies tasting like butane, you’ll never taste the LPG fuel in your food with a gas grill. Miss the smoky flavor of charcoal? Many LPG grills have smoke boxes for wood chips, providing the smoky flavor without the hassle or hindrance of charcoal.


Cooking with gas offers a range of benefits that would not otherwise be realized with electric stoves.  It offers better accuracy with the temperature as the heat is much more controllable versus the gradual changes with electric stoves.  You also get an immediate heat change.

When considering options for a supplemental gas stove for any type of kitchen, an LPG stove or LPG oven may be the best. In most cases the LPG line can enter the home wherever a homeowner wishes. The only requirement is that the propane tank be able to be located nearby. There are distance requirements from the home for an LPG tank, but they are not stringent. With the flexibility of an LPG installation, an LPG stove can be placed in any room of the house, which makes them a more attractive option.



Gas Network Installation

  • 35kg cylinder (Butane and Propane)
  • 10Kg cylinder (Propane)
  • Tank filling
  • Boilers for Heating and Hot Water Production
  • Generators
  • Other products