As one of the cleanest conventional fuels available, LPG complements renewable energy sources and technologies which depend on variable weather conditions or daylight. LPG is a natural partner for renewable energy. LPG also enables highly efficient decentralized generation through small self-containing generators and micro-combined heat and power. For these types of localized power generation, LPG's carbon footprint is lower than that of diesel and significantly lower than gasoline.

For larger power capacities, the use of LPG in Gas Turbines is also proven technology. An LPG fuelled Gas Turbine is more efficient and reliable than the equivalent diesel unit. Being often cheaper than diesel, it constitutes a very attractive fuel for GT power generation. Various applications using GT are available, simple cycle power plant, co-generation, tri-generation etc. Middle size GT may be suitable for LPG burning plant, considering LPG transportation, refinery applications and decentralized power supply.


The supply of electrical power has become paramount to the success of daily activities. With several areas in Lebanon still lacking consistent electrical grid power supply, independent fuel-powered engine generators have become increasingly crucial to fill the subsequent energy gap. Generator sets are individual units that supply electrical power for various uses. They are available in a wide range of models with power outputs ranging from 700 to 15000 Watts.

 Generators are commonly produced in two formats depending on their required functions:


  • Larger Standby Generators
  • Smaller Portable Generators 


Generator features tend to vary with size, manufacturer and model however there are several notable features and capacities that have been more recently developed that make LPG generators the top choice for off-grid power generation.

  • Gas generators are versatile and offer multiple fuelling options; LPG, Natural Gas (NG), combined LPG/NG and even biogas.
  • Newer back-up generator models now include a transfer switchboard which monitors utility power levels and automatically transfers the electrical load to the generator if power is lost, protecting the home or business even when no one is there.
  • Manufacturers of the larger stand-by units tend to provide bespoke noise-cancelling housing units for the generator models. 
  • Cogeneration units are now available that produce heat in addition to electricity.
  • Premium generator sets are designed to work in tandem with off-grid renewable energy power generation technology. Energy-efficient LPG generator sets can be easily combined with solar, wind, or other renewable energy resources to create reliable, environmentally friendly hybrid energy systems for residential and commercial off-grid applications.


Reliable - LPG does not degrade over time and no stabilizers are needed, so the fuel can be stored indefinitely (in tanks and cylinders). LPG Generators also offer higher durability and are consumer friendly.  

Available – Since standby generators connect to your existing LPG lines, you don’t have to worry about running out of gasoline and diesel which may not be available during a power outage.

Economical – LPG is more efficient and, in most places, less expensive than gasoline.

Versatile – LPG generators are simple to use and multipurpose in function.  

Mobile – Portable generators have wheels enable them to be easily moved from place to place.

Safe – Owners are not required to handle the filling and refuelling; therefore, there are fewer opportunities for fire hazards with a LPG generator. When your LPG generator is out of fuel, simply replace the cylinder with a new cylinder of LPG and reconnect to your generator, or call us for assistance. 



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