The food industry is a sector where LPG has numerous applications.  Cooking and baking are the primary uses of LPG in the food industry where it provides very good temperature control. Drying applications are also popular in food processing especially of fish and sea food. It is used also for steam, hot water production and sterilization processes, especially in processing of canned meat. LPG is used for all possible food-finishing applications from boiling, frying, stewing, simmering and baking to grilling, roasting, braising and milk drying.

In baking applications is a preferred fuel for crispy biscuits, chips, bread, fluffy pastries, spongy cakes and all types of high quality bakery and confectionary products. 

LPG can be used for direct firing which realizes major cost savings (reducing investment costs and maximizing thermal efficiency). It is used in drying, boiling as well as sterilization processes.

Another sub-sector of the food industry where LPG provides solutions is in the manufacture of beverages. LPG powers the production of CO2 used to carbonate soft drinks. It is also consumed in the dehydration of food products such as milk, coffee and chocolate to form instant powders.

It is also widely used by hotels, restaurants, bakeries, canteens and businesses at the front end of the food industry where a responsive, reliable energy supply is an essential ingredient.

Precision temperature controls, easily handling in small burners and low sulphur content makes final products palatable and ensures that they pass all statutory tests for human consumption.

Steam from LPG combustion is widely used in the food industry as a heating medium (processing of pasta and yoghurt) and in some cases a moisturizing agent.

LPG-powered fork lift trucks are commonly used in the food industry for their low emissions. These characteristics make LPG the preferred fuel in the food industry. We can act as your LPG providers through our gas network installations available.



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