LPG's versatility, ease of transport and environmentally friendly characteristics make it an ideal fuel for all applications especially the recreational ones; both on land, on water and even in the air.
It is a reliable and clean energy source for lighting exterior entryways, walks, driveways, landscaping, and outdoor spaces of many facilities. To help extend the summer ambience, LPG patio heaters and outdoor fireplaces are a great way to provide warmth and cosiness on cool days and when the sun goes down. Whether staying in a tent, camper or caravan, LPG Gas cylinders are also perfect for powering a number of appliances.
LPG powered barbecue grills provide instant ignition, heat faster than charcoal grills, and release less carbon monoxide, particular matter, and soot – this makes LPG a logical partner when enjoying nature and outdoor life. It is the ideal energy to power outdoor kitchens enabling cooktops, rotisseries, grilling surfaces and ovens and meet all performance and safety needs. 
LPG powered water heaters are an excellent choice to provide warmth to pools and spas in cooler months. LPG is also an attractive option for marine applications, including the fuelling of leisure-crafts.
It even enables people to enjoy amazing scenery from the air by fuelling hot air balloons.
Highly portable and with a wide range of storage options, LPG is the most flexible of all energy sources and responds perfectly to the needs of millions of consumers around the globe.