Municipalities in Lebanon and around the world utilize LPG to run various facilities including heating and cooling air, cooking, heating water, refrigeration, fumigation of the environment as well as lighting. Basic city services such as sanitation (both sewer and refuse), water, streets, schools, food inspection, fire department, police, ambulance, and other health department issues and transportation can also be powered with LPG.

In addition, LPG is used in incinerators to provide high temperature for complete combustion and proper management of waste without any harmful emissions.

LPG has many advantages; it is a clean-burning and environment friendly. LPG-fueled vehicles, cleaning equipment, lighting etc.. allow for reliable transportation of shuttles in and around the city as well as efficient and proper management of the municipalities’ facilities.



Gas Network Installation

  • 35kg cylinder (Butane and Propane)
  • Tank filling
  • Boilers for Heating and Hot Water Production
  • Other products