For military operations, LPG is used for cooking, power generation, lighting and heating in camps. Due to the nature of their operations, parts of the drilling are done in remote areas that are not connected to the grid. LPG generators can provide reliable, sustainable and cheap power supply for most military operations.



As is the case with millions of commercial and residential establishments around the world, prisons utilize LPG for heating and cooling air, cooking, heating water, refrigeration, as well as lighting. LPG also powers laundry equipment and fumigation units.

Furthermore, prisons waste can be managed for safe disposal with LPG powered incineration. LPG incinerators can provide high temperature for complete combustion of the prison waste without any harmful emissions.

With cost saving measures introduced by government across the world, LPG applications will help prison administrators to cope dwindling budgetary allocation to prisons.



Gas Network Installation

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  • Boilers for Heating and Hot Water Production
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