We started working with Mandaloun in 2002 through our sister company LECOGAZ. It was our first commercial gas network project that involved the usage of gas boilers for hot water production. We were successful in convincing Mandaloun management at the time to avoid the use of diesel and electricity in their kitchens for sanitary water heating. Since then all Mandaloun outlets are using NATGAZ networks and gas operated boilers FRISQUET for their hot water production.


Beirut City Centre is considered to be the largest mall in Lebanon and has taken our team of experts 3 years to work on their project’s gas system and networks. Their gas solution included 3 x 5000 liters gas tanks each supplying a different zone, one tank is installed to supply Carrefour super market exclusively. NATGAZ successfully designed and executed their gas supply system which included gas filling, distribution, regulation, security and meter reading. BCC is the first project in Lebanon to include telemetry management on the gas tanks which guarantees the uninterrupted gas supply to tenants through the daily monitoring of gas levels by our logistics department.


A thriving food and beverages compound in Dbayeh, Blueberry Square was the first to benefit from a combined telemetry reading on the gas meters and gas tanks. Our advanced reading system allowed the company to monitor the consumption of each of the restaurants and assures a weekly invoicing without the burden of regular visitations for visual meter readings. The system reduced labor cost and expensive reading provided for the tenants.


In 1999 LECOGAZ, NATGAZ sister company, was the first to install an underground tank with a cathode protection to supply two major kitchens in the tower.



NATGAZ is the first company to supply, install and operate four gas generators Kohler, 100 Kwt each for a single building in Lebanon. Additionally, the network included a complete secured gas network, with gas operated boilers for each apartment providing central heating and hot water production.


NATGAZ succeeded in 2001 to convince Baba Sweets management to convert their ovens burners from diesel to gas. A big step in reducing the pollution of diesel in a food factory, to the full satisfaction and benefit of the users.


A major touristic venue , it is the first resort to select NATGAZ for all their gas installations. It included a gas network to cover the needs of the SPA, showers, central kitchen and various restaurants all over the resort.


A prestigious high end residential building in the center of the city , it is equipped with two underground gas tanks, supplying 56 Apartments. A major advantage to the users is the location of the FRISQUET boilers at the level of each apartment providing an accelerated central heating system and hot water production with a reduced NOx pollution in line with the currently accepted European standards.