We are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services through unique delivery, error-free installation, high safety measures, responsive support and a dedicated and professional customer service team.

Natgaz offers its customers comfort and peace of mind: Every project is handled with the utmost care. Each of our installations is thoroughly tested several times by highly experienced teams to ensure utmost safety. This allows us to happily provide a minimum of one-year guarantee on all our systems with confidence. Evidently, we schedule regular visits to ensure the proper function of any of our installations, keeping the customer care-free.

As industry leaders, we set standards and raise expectations consistently, with the customer in mind. The product range we carry is one reflective of these standards: Our products are the best available in the market and tailored to suit our customers in every possible way. Our services are no different, providing timeliness, quality and professionalism from our gas filling activities to maintenance.

We give undivided attention to our customers; our dedicated customer service department is highly trained and readily available to your needs: You benefit from unique account management ensuring your satisfaction.  All complaints and feedback are handled with care and understanding. Along with customer satisfaction surveys, we gather information to always help us improve and serve you better. Natgaz prides itself in resolving any concern as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Through a vast pool of experience extending to over 50 years of excellence and pioneering in the field, our customers can rest assured that their gas needs are handled by the best. When you choose Natgaz, we value the trust and loyalty placed in us, as such, we make your satisfaction a priority. Through our drive for excellence and innovation, our customer-focused teams aim to improve the lives of people, promoting clean energy and eliminating any burden in the liquefied petroleum gas sector.