A flexible, reliable and cost-effective energy source for owners of restaurants bars and pubs is crucial. In order to cater to guests and ensure seamless operations, a controllable energy supply is required for cooking in the kitchen, heating and hot water. Building and renovating with Natgaz’s LPG appliances can help the owners of these businesses cut energy costs and deliver the key performance amenities that are vital to their business.


A constant supply of hot water is vital for catering industries. LPG is an extremely efficient and cost-effective method of providing hot water. It is competitively priced and cost effective, it provides easily integrated heating systems with relatively low investment costs as well as quick payback on equipment costs as well as the fact that it is more environmentally friendly than oil and electricity, LPG fireplaces are also often found in restaurants, bars, hotels for heating, to

create a warm corner and atmosphere or simply as decoration.


Perfectly cooked food is the essential ingredient for successful catering. We offer the flexibility and reliability to keep commercial kitchens running with LPG stoves, ovens, fryers, burners, roasters, flamers etc..
Chefs like LPG for its instant heat on ignition, visible flame, responsiveness, even distribution of heat across the base of cooking implements as well as rapid cooling. It also burns efficiently without any black smoke and makes washing up easier as it doesn’t leave marks on cooking utensils.



Gas Network Installation

  • 35 KG Cylinder (propane and butane)
  • 10 Kg Cylinder (propane)
  • Tank filling
  • Boilers for Heating and Hot Water Production
  • Other products