Running a hotel and hosting guests is a very demanding job.  Hotel owners require a constant, reliable source of energy for a variety of applications which include central and water heating, cooking, as well as air conditioning. Our gas solutions provide an opportunity to offer delightful amenities that turn guests into regulars whilst fueling the energy-efficient appliances that keep utility bills low and guests comfortable and satisfied.

LPG also helps businesses to minimize their impact on the environment, as it produces very little CO2, has low sulphur content and doesn’t produce any polluting particulates.

Some of the ways that hotels use LPG to meet their energy needs whilst saving money and helping to preserve the environment include:


LPG is an extremely efficient method of heating which is vital to ensuring that guests enjoy their time. Heat from LPG is instantly available and can be used throughout the hotel to provide a reliable source of heating. LPG provides more versatility, affordability and comfort than any other heating choice. Patio heaters extend the outdoor living season by raising the outdoor air temperature as much as 30 degrees.


Our gas solutions will ensure constant supply of hot water to your hotel, making sure your guests are kept happy with plenty of warm showers. Commercial LPG tankless water heaters are an excellent option to meet the hot water demands of the hospitality industry. These systems link multiple interchangeable units, providing higher output and redundancy ensuring that hot water is always available.


Perfectly cooked food is an essential ingredient for successful catering, and by using our gas solutions, customers can benefit from meals created using a more easily controlled and cleaner-burning fuel. An LPG cook top provides better heat control and more even heat distribution than electric. Instant-on burners allow cooking to start right away and cool more quickly, which helps to prevent overcooking and accidents.


Gas Network Installation

  • 35kg cylinder (Butane and Propane)
  • 10 Kg Cylinder (propane)
  • Tank filling
  • Boilers for Heating and Hot Water Production
  • Other products