We power laundry equipment and fumigation units. The washing and drying of fabrics is an essential part of all households’ weekly routine.  It is also a vital function of many businesses.

The use of gas-fired commercial laundry equipment is often overlooked by gas installers, but it is one that could provide a steady stream of business thanks to the sectors where commercial laundry equipment is used.

These include launderettes, student accommodation, hospitals, youth hostels, nursing and retirement homes as well as hotels.

The most common types of gas appliances found in laundries are dryers, with other equipment including rotary ironers and combined washer dryers running on LPG.

Of course in many homes and businesses, laundry services are provided by washing machines and dryers which are simply plugged into the electric and/or natural gas utilities. However, in locations when the electricity is unreliable you need to look for an alternative. In these circumstances thousands of homes and businesses turn to Natgaz to help them fulfill this essential service.


Laundry equipment have three basic requirements: A source of electricity, hot water as well as hot air for drying. We can provide solutions in all three of these three areas as there exist dedicated LPG appliances to provide specialist support.


Electricity: Our LPG Generators can provide a cost effective and efficient source of electricity to power any washing or drying equipment required for laundry services.

Hot Water: There are a wide variety of water heaters available that are powered by LPG. Some units provide large storage capacities whilst others provide instantaneous hot water without tank requirement. They also cost less to operate than electric water heaters and eat more than twice as much hot water per hour as comparable electric models.

LPG Gas Tumble Dryers dry clothes in around 50% less time, producing around half the greenhouse emissions of electric dryers whilst costing almost 50% less to run. The quality of the dryness and softness of the dried clothes processed by LPG dryers is also far superior.



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