We provide businesses with a variety of gas solutions through gas network installations that include; the provision of 35 Kg cylinders of propane and butane, the 10Kg cylinder of propane, tank filling services, boilers for heating and hot water production, forklift special cylinders, LPG Generators and others.


We offer central gas system installation services to households and businesses alike. The service consists of a full study, design, and implementation of the gas system based on international safety standards and expert engineering. The networks are installed by a team of professional technicians. We handle all the specificities of the installation from providing the gas tank, the pipes , gas meters, as well as the safety valves, pressure regulation and gas detection.


  • Time-saving as compared to cylinder-handling
  • Improved utilization of work space
  • Improved control over gas supply in the event of fire
  • Reduced cylinder rent due to a smaller number of gas cylinders


  • Project management
  • System design in accordance with international and lebanese regulations
  • Risk analysis
  • Equipment and Hardware
  • System installation
  • Gas Supply
  • Inspection and monitoring
  • Documentation and user manuals
  • Annual Follow-up

We are the pioneers in central gas system installation and we believe we are playing a role in moving the Lebanese gas consumption patterns towards an evolutionary concept adopted in developed countries.