Apart from butane and propane gas cylinders, we provide useful by-products for your daily needs.

Storage Tanks

Manufactured in Italy, USA, or Turkey, these tanks are an efficient storage solution, they have a volume capacity ranging from 420 to 5000 litres. They can be installed vertically or horizontally above or underground with a cathode protection system, to protect from corrosion They are used for residential and industrial projects alike.

Equipped Gas Cabinets

This is an all-inclusive solution which includes a solenoid valve, regulators, gas meters, valves and others. Manufactured in France or Italy, the cabinet is equipped to reduce gas pressure and provide metering for gas installations. The solenoid valve is activated once the detector senses gas. Cabinets are used in both households and business installations.

Copper Pipes

Imported from Italy, these high-quality corrugated copper pipes are silver welded, tested and protected. Used in both households and business installations.

Remote-reading Level Indicator

Imported from Italy it facilitates the monitoring process of gas filling wherever the tank is positioned. Used in both households and business installations.

ATelemetry and Remote Management Solutions

Telemetry provides an easy real-time monitoring on customers’ gas consumption, guaranteeing uninterrupted gas supply By using telemetric information, the costs and errors associated with physical readings are eliminated.