Why natgaz


We have been around for 50 years and have worked on designing and implementing gas network solutions for thousands of projects and businesses by adopting the latest technologies in gas installations and applying them using a highly-skilled workforce.


Natgaz is an active member of the World Liquid Petroleum Gas Association and a subsidiary of Gaz du Liban Holding Group, one of Lebanon’s most esteemed gas importers and distributors. Our membership at the WLPGA gives us direct access to resources and technical expertise through knowledge transfer and networking, enabling us to provide you with the latest in gas installation while maintaining a safe and monitored environment.


We provide our clients with high service and maintenance standards. We are committed to ensuring that the gas fittings, appliances and pipework in your industrial project are maintained in a safe condition.


We have a dedicated and highly-skilled team of technicians and mechanical engineers who will handle your project’s design and implementation as well as maintenance.


We make sure that all our cylinders undergo a meticulous and regular safety check-up.


Natgaz prides itself with offering its clients internationally recognized exclusive brands and products of gas meters, valves, regulators, telemetry solutions and others made in Italy, Portugal, Germany and France.


All our products come with a 12-month guarantee. In case of defect or malfunction, the product is repaired or replaced for free.


We are ISO 9001:2000 certified as evidence for our excellent quality management system that ensures that our products meet our customer and applicable regulatory requirements.