With several developing areas in Lebanon still lacking consistent electrical grid power supply, independent fuel-powered engine generators have become increasingly crucial to fill the subsequent energy gap. Generator sets are individual units that supply electrical power for various uses: as backup power for shops, restaurants, offices, farms; for residential use and with outdoor activities; as well as to power various social activities and centres.  

They are available in a wide range of models with power outputs ranging from 700 to 15000 Watts.


  • Larger Standby Generators
  • Smaller Portable Generators 

Standby generators are permanently connected to a home or business and their existing power lines. A standby generator can power critical and sophisticated appliances in a home or business including lights, heating/cooling systems, refrigerators, pumps, security systems, amongst other. They ensure a homeowner's quality of life by keeping the electricity flowing in the event of any power failures that result from either a standard service disruption or a natural disaster, such as a storm. A standby generator can even serve as a primary energy source for homes built off the main grid.

Depending on the size, a standby generator can power an entire home or business or a few key units including light bulbs, specific mains sockets, refrigeration units and/or air conditioning units.

Portable LPG generators offer the benefits of a traditional generator but in a portable form and usually on a smaller scale. These are also available in various sizes providing flexibility to fit power requirements and location of use. They are popularly used on camping trips, on construction/job sites, domestic projects requiring additional/backup power supply as well as to power outdoor/open air markets amongst others.



CLEAN – LPG generators produce soot free emissions, no smoke, no smell and are a greener solution for people and the environment. At atmospheric pressure, the LPG used to fuel the generators vaporizes, virtually eliminating the risk of spillage.

RELIABLE – LPG does not degrade over time and no stabilizers are needed, so the fuel can be stored indefinitely (in tanks and cylinders). LPG Generators also offer higher durability and are consumer friendly.

AVAILABLE – Since standby generators connect to your existing LPG lines, you don’t have to worry about running out of gasoline and diesel which may not be available during a power outage.

ECONOMICAL – LPG is more efficient and, in most places, less expensive than gasoline.

VERSATILE – LPG generators are simple to use and multipurpose in function.

MOBILE – Portable generators have wheels enable them to be easily moved from place to place.

SAFE– Owners are not required to handle the filling and refueling; therefore, there are fewer opportunities for fire hazards with a LPG generator. When your LPG generator is out of fuel, simply replace the cylinder with a new cylinder of LPG and reconnect to your generator.


Our generators are imported from France and the USA. Ideal for households, they combine power, performance, and safety.