With a heat output substantially higher than electricity, fuel oil or wood, propane is an energy that brings comfort and economical value to any household. Using propane at home ensures:

  • Efficiency: high energy efficiency, cost effective
  • Cleanliness:no smell, no dust and low CO2 emissions
  • Simple to maintain: simple, fast and low maintenance
  • Security: outdoor storage, which ensures discretion and space saving.


  • Stored outdoors propane safely faces the harshest winters since it vaporizes to -44 ° C.
  • The availability of LPG is guaranteed over 70 years according to experts
  • Compliance and security gas installations are subjected to rigorous international certifications of which Natgaz is a pioneer
  • Unlike electricity, propane gas can be stored in tanks and therefore constantly available , even in periods of high demand
  • Furthermore, propane is an energy completely combinable with solar for households looking for a combination of efficient and ecological solutions


Gas heating ensures warmth without drying the air, guaranteeing comfort and well-being. Due to its high calorific value, propane gas used for heating helps you save energy if also coupled with a modern gas boiler, such as Frisquet, available at Natgaz.

In fact, new gas boilers are much more efficient than standard boilers and can save you up to 20% of gas consumed .



With a gas water heater you can make sure that hot water is always available for the kitchen or bathroom. If you wish to opt for a more ecological solution like solar energy, then you will not need a gas boiler, however, when faced with low sunlight, our propane boilers can take over easily to ensure constant availability of hot water for the whole family.



It goes without saying, gas is an essential element to modern cooking and we can make sure that you have the right gas network in place to always have the precision of gas cooking at your fingertips.